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We are interested if you are! You will need to have the passion first and foremost - and be skilled in ensuring jobs assigned are completed with professionalism and within deadlines provided. It's a simple 3 Step Process. Register with us now, and click "Become a Ninja" and join the fastest growing empire online - not to mention start earning income.

How do I begin?

Getting started and becoming a Ninja is super simple. All you need to get started is a computer, Internet connection and amazing skills.

Your next step is to register an account with OneSpiffy and than start the Ninja Registration process by clicking "Become Ninja", follow the Quick Steps online or on our mobile application.

Think of it as an introduction, resume, and personal brochure all bundled into one, highlighting your:

  • Professional skills, experience, and portfolio
  • Education and accomplishments
  • Relevant Skills

The best applications are complete, well-written, error-free, and feature a professional, friendly looking picture. So be sure to update your Personal Profile before Submitting.

What type of jobs can I find?

Whether you're looking for a small job to supplement your income, have some free time to spare or you would like to extend your capabilities while receiving a full stable income, you'll find opportunities galore from business who are specifically seeking you.

No matter what your areas or level of expertise, you will find a job as soon as you have been accepted to the OneSpiffy Empire and Network as a Ninja unlike other Apps or corporations. We are different because,

  • You will be joining us as a Contracted Ninja and you will have multiple opportunities to grow.
    Read more on opportunities for growth below!

  • You will have a list of Jobs for you to pick or request for a higher bid.
    No more fumbling around, up-bidding, consistent job nags, or having your hard-earned pay cut.

  • Our Service offering continuously grows, and we aim to include new services and apps.
    Keeping up to date and current is what OneSpiffy and Ninjas are all about!
  • Did we not mention, we are Global?
    You have an array of on-site or remote Jobs. So if you decide to travel and have some free time to spare, get started locally in another country without fuss.

How do I get jobs from OneSpiffy?

Instead of being limited to nearby jobs, you can now work with clients around the globe.


Choose the jobs you feel inspired to work with—it's a whole new world of freedom and opportunity.


We display a list of Jobs suitable for your Skill Level, Application and Ninja Seniority.
So no more searching through multiple job boards or lists - we filter and do the work for you.


So what's next after review available jobs?

  • Review the Job and ensure you are comfortable
    with the limitations, timelines for the Job and
    credits you will be earning for the job.

  • Click "Pick Up Job" and get started.
  • That's It! It's really that simple

Once you've completed a Job, and your Client verified completion. You will get paid instantaneously! 


No more posting portfolio's, interviews, troll job listings, haggling, invoicing, late payments, card fees, etc. 
We handle all the administration and finance work for you!

Is there any Growth for me?

We give all our Ninjas the opportunity to grow within OneSpiffy, and we want to ensure that you attain personal and on-the-job growth with us.

Now, how do we do this?

  • Attain higher Ninja, Samurai or Shogun positions.
    Each Position has multiple levels, and we have upwards of 45 positional and departmental hierarchy.
    As you gain your footing and increase performance within OneSpiffy you will have the opportunity
    to be an Assistant Manager (Ninja), Manager (
    Samurai) or Senior Manager (Shogun).

  • Earn monthly with OneSpiffy!
    Earn up to $8,000 per month online with a team of OneSpiffy Ninjas and Friends.
    Did we forget to mention as soon as you head up to Ninja Level 2 you start earning Monthly,
    based on your performance in OneSpiffy!

  • Join Discussion Groups
    We ensure that we grow together at OneSpiffy. Learn from other Ninjas and gain a wealth of experience.
    Keeping up to date and current is what OneSpiffy and Ninjas are all about!

  • Did we not mention, we are Global?
    We have communities of Ninjas in Singapore, Australia, Thailand, the USA,
    the Philippines, Malaysia and more!


What are you waiting for? Registration is free, and a quick form to get you into the fastest growing online Empire. Start and explore Opportunities now! Register with us, and click "Become a Ninja" and join the fastest growing empire online - not to mention start earning income.


Jobs is available on all Mobile App Stores, Online and Cloud Synced. Ensuring wherever you are globally, you get jobs done simply and quickly with a tap!